Israel, Islam, and the End of the Age

This seminar outlines the necessity of having a Jewish foundation as the anchor in our approach to the Scriptures. With this anchor we will peer into the end times concerning Islam, Israel and the coming kingdom of God.

John Harrigan

John Harrigan

John Harrigan is a church planter and missions trainer. He and his family work for an evangelical organization in the Middle East. They have a passion for the cross, the return of Jesus, and the Great Commission.


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Session 1 - Jewish Stewardship of the Oracles of God
Session 2 - Competing Narratives of Redemptive History
Session 3 - Islamic Narrative of Redemptive History
Session 4 - Discipleship and the Hope of Israel


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More Resources

Gospel of Christ Crucified Book

The Gospel of Christ Crucified offers a biblical reconstruction of the principal elements that make up the apostolic gospel. Assuming a first-century Jewish worldview, the apostles understood the death of Jesus primarily in sacrificial terms for the atonement of sins. In this way, their presupposed expectations of the future and eternal life remained fundamentally unaltered – the day of the Lord, resurrection of the dead, and kingdom of God would assuredly come because their Messiah had been vindicated by God. Far from changing, spiritualizing, or realizing their Jewish hopes, the death and resurrection of Jesus amplified them. Moreover, the fact that the Holy Spirit was poured out following Jesus’ ascension confirmed this gospel of Christ crucified.

Extending Mercy to the Gentiles: The Jewish Apocalyptic Trajectory of Pauline Discipleship(American Society of Missiology Monograph Series)

Paul’s discipleship agenda was defined by his native Jewish apocalyptic worldview. The novelties of his thought—namely, the death of Israel’s Messiah, the unique gift of God’s Spirit, and the intentional mission to the gentiles—seem to be framed within the common Jewish eschatological parameters of the day of the Lord, the judgment, the resurrection of the dead, and the messianic kingdom. Moreover, for Paul this eschatology was the primary driver of discipleship—comforting in the midst of tribulation, anchoring the gifts of the Spirit, and informing divine mission. Paul thus discipled the gentiles into the hope of Israel.

The Apocalyptic Gospel Podcast

The Apocalyptic Gospel Podcast explores the Gospel as a first-century Jew would have understood it. A conversation about the Gospel, the Kingdom of God, or the Day of the Lord in the first century would have evoked a body of ideas not immediately present with a simple word study of these terms. In this weekly podcast, a pastor, campus minister, and missionary mine the Torah, Biblical Prophets, and Second Temple writings for the origin and development of these ideas as we help give context to this first-century Jewish message and encourage disciples of Jesus to boldly proclaim it and patiently wait for the God of Israel to fulfill his covenantal promises.

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